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💸Want an Extra $20 for Free?💸

Find the entire article @ How To: Receive $20 for free from NETSPEND! Well Welcome back people! I’m sure you guys have heard of the Blog called The Penny Hoarder by Mr. Kyle Taylor. It’s a blog that teaches everyday people like you and I How To: 1. Make money 💰 2. Save… Continue reading 💸Want an Extra $20 for Free?💸

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How To: Make cute lil Newspaper Crafts Another cheap & easy find from Pinterest. Shared by: Red Ted’s Art Blog In this article, you’ll be surprised to find beautiful and creative crafts made simply from newspaper! Go on over and check it out now!!! 25 Newspaper Craft Ideas SNEAK PEEK BELOW: In my opinion, this… Continue reading 📜All this FREE NEWSPAPER📜

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🎋Another weird yet awesome find on Twitter 🎋

WHITE TATTOOS Now this has to be the most weirdest yet amazing idea that I’ve personally witnessed in a while! Initially, I ran across this article on twitter but I wanted to make sure I gave the appropriate credits for the image. I visited×358.jpg?329fec And I found this art! I love this and may… Continue reading 🎋Another weird yet awesome find on Twitter 🎋

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💁💁Why isn’t this more publicized????💁💁

Hey everybody, I was just browsing Pinterest looking for just about anything. I’m always online looking for something weird, new, or different! So the other night, I was just scrolling and kept seeing posts about Coconuts. As the post redirected me, I was having skeptical thoughts about the idea of coconuts healing cavities!!! The website… Continue reading 💁💁Why isn’t this more publicized????💁💁

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💁💁Items you can really buy that you didn’t know existed!!! 💁💁

Hey people! As some of you may know, I aim to open an Abnormal Consignment Shop which offers two sides, all from my Weird attraction to things that you don’t see in every store! Check out this website that has products that you probably didn’t even know existed!!!! You can really purchase these products!!!! Chihuahua… Continue reading 💁💁Items you can really buy that you didn’t know existed!!! 💁💁