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Does this look familiar to anyone? 27 Body Transformation Habits you can’t ignore! Thick, thin, petite, heavy, etc…. Cellulite doesn’t care who’s body it inhabits! I hate the shit and hmmmmm only if there was a way to get rid of it! Welcome back everybody. Today I’m here to discuss: WEIGHT- LOSS & BODY TRANSFORMATION… Continue reading 🙊27 BODY TRANSFORMATION HABITS YOU CAN’T IGNORE🙉

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YES LADIES, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! ……..But there’s help! It’s nearing the end of a long draining year of unfinished resolutions. Yes, I know many other things got in the way! LIFE HAPPENS RIGHT? I’m no stranger to life’s ups and downs. I’ve neglected my health and well- being because of life’s demands. I realize… Continue reading 💪😣THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

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💸Want an Extra $20 for Free?💸

Find the entire article @ How To: Receive $20 for free from NETSPEND! Well Welcome back people! I’m sure you guys have heard of the Blog called The Penny Hoarder by Mr. Kyle Taylor. It’s a blog that teaches everyday people like you and I How To: 1. Make money 💰 2. Save… Continue reading 💸Want an Extra $20 for Free?💸

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💳Ever heard of a Square Store?💳

How To: Open a FREE online store! 💰 Hello friends, Everyone is selling something these days. Everyday consumers find value in many things and turn them into a profit. I’m literally glued to the World Wide Web everyday and I must admit that I’ve seen products being sold that even I have just laying around… Continue reading 💳Ever heard of a Square Store?💳

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📋Quickie Find: Barnes & Noble Free Kids Workshop📋

ANOTHER AWESOME FIND: Article found on Feedly app! ( FREE WORKSHOP FOR KIDS!!!! November 6, 2015 thru November 8, 2015 Hey people! I know this is kind of last minute but I just got the news! No plans for the weekend? Go on over to your nearest Barnes & Noble Bookstore with the family and… Continue reading 📋Quickie Find: Barnes & Noble Free Kids Workshop📋

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🔧Step by Step Guide: How to easily change oil! 🔧

How to: Change your own motor oil without a mechanic! I know what the men are saying. “Hey, we don’t need instructions”! Guys, I know you may not need instructions but some people do! View the link below by Penzoil: 0.5.3 Changing Your Own Oil 🐺Hello Kitty Motor Oil? Yea, it’s real! Now that’s called… Continue reading 🔧Step by Step Guide: How to easily change oil! 🔧