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🐻QUICKIE FIND: Make a Teddy Bear using a sock🐻

Hey guys, Just stopping in with this quick Pinterest find. Shared by: THE META PICTURE How to make a kid’s teddy bear using an old sock!!! See below: I hope you guys liked this find. Stay tuned for many more! Lacey’s Pace Tweet Me: @laceyspacegvil1

Amazing Finds on Pinterest · Crafts · DIY · Genius · How-To · Weird · Willing to try


How To: Make cute lil Newspaper Crafts Another cheap & easy find from Pinterest. Shared by: Red Ted’s Art Blog In this article, you’ll be surprised to find beautiful and creative crafts made simply from newspaper! Go on over and check it out now!!! 25 Newspaper Craft Ideas SNEAK PEEK BELOW: In my opinion, this… Continue reading 📜All this FREE NEWSPAPER📜

Amazing Finds on Pinterest · DIY · Genius · How-To · Willing to try

💰💰There’s Always a Hu$tle💰💰

25 Things You Can Sell To Make Money What’s up everybody? _____________ Ha! Don’t fill in the blank. Just focus on filling your pockets after you read this article⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ I’m all about making an extra buck or 2! I mean who doesn’t want money right?? Well my pins on Pinterest are abundant with crazy… Continue reading 💰💰There’s Always a Hu$tle💰💰

Amazing Finds on Pinterest · Crafts · DIY · Genius · How-To

🎁💁I bet you didn’t know you could do this with a BOX💁🎁

NOT JUST YOUR AVERAGE BOX Hey folks, I’m back with another charming find! Wrapping a box in fabric???? I know this may sound crazy but it’s true! I’m a firm DIY believer and I must say, this craft idea is easy and cheap! Who doesn’t have cardboard just laying around? Look at what can be… Continue reading 🎁💁I bet you didn’t know you could do this with a BOX💁🎁

Amazing Finds on Pinterest · Crafts · DIY · How-To

Crafters! DIY Gift Baskets

Awesome Pinterest find! You can find this and many others at Well hello people! Another awesome find for my fellow CRAFTERS! Little gift boxes that you can make at home with cardboard! I am definitely planning to use this technique in the future! Maybe even in my store!! Check it out! 💁 Basket –… Continue reading Crafters! DIY Gift Baskets

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💁💁Why isn’t this more publicized????💁💁

Hey everybody, I was just browsing Pinterest looking for just about anything. I’m always online looking for something weird, new, or different! So the other night, I was just scrolling and kept seeing posts about Coconuts. As the post redirected me, I was having skeptical thoughts about the idea of coconuts healing cavities!!! The website… Continue reading 💁💁Why isn’t this more publicized????💁💁