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💸Want an Extra $20 for Free?💸

Find the entire article @ How To: Receive $20 for free from NETSPEND! Well Welcome back people! I’m sure you guys have heard of the Blog called The Penny Hoarder by Mr. Kyle Taylor. It’s a blog that teaches everyday people like you and I How To: 1. Make money 💰 2. Save… Continue reading 💸Want an Extra $20 for Free?💸

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💳Ever heard of a Square Store?💳

How To: Open a FREE online store! 💰 Hello friends, Everyone is selling something these days. Everyday consumers find value in many things and turn them into a profit. I’m literally glued to the World Wide Web everyday and I must admit that I’ve seen products being sold that even I have just laying around… Continue reading 💳Ever heard of a Square Store?💳

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📋Quickie Find: Barnes & Noble Free Kids Workshop📋

ANOTHER AWESOME FIND: Article found on Feedly app! ( FREE WORKSHOP FOR KIDS!!!! November 6, 2015 thru November 8, 2015 Hey people! I know this is kind of last minute but I just got the news! No plans for the weekend? Go on over to your nearest Barnes & Noble Bookstore with the family and… Continue reading 📋Quickie Find: Barnes & Noble Free Kids Workshop📋

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🔧Step by Step Guide: How to easily change oil! 🔧

How to: Change your own motor oil without a mechanic! I know what the men are saying. “Hey, we don’t need instructions”! Guys, I know you may not need instructions but some people do! View the link below by Penzoil: 0.5.3 Changing Your Own Oil 🐺Hello Kitty Motor Oil? Yea, it’s real! Now that’s called… Continue reading 🔧Step by Step Guide: How to easily change oil! 🔧

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🐻QUICKIE FIND: Make a Teddy Bear using a sock🐻

Hey guys, Just stopping in with this quick Pinterest find. Shared by: THE META PICTURE How to make a kid’s teddy bear using an old sock!!! See below: I hope you guys liked this find. Stay tuned for many more! Lacey’s Pace Tweet Me: @laceyspacegvil1

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How To: Make cute lil Newspaper Crafts Another cheap & easy find from Pinterest. Shared by: Red Ted’s Art Blog In this article, you’ll be surprised to find beautiful and creative crafts made simply from newspaper! Go on over and check it out now!!! 25 Newspaper Craft Ideas SNEAK PEEK BELOW: In my opinion, this… Continue reading 📜All this FREE NEWSPAPER📜

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💏Relationships Aren’t as Happy as We Thought💏

How to: Break up with Someone…… Hey Everybody, This Article may sound crazy….at first but c’mon, let’s all just face reality here! Relationships are not the same anymore. No one really and truly has any positive motives for the next person! In today’s world, the main word that everyone is focused on is, “ME”! Each… Continue reading 💏Relationships Aren’t as Happy as We Thought💏